Arcade Collection - Background

My name is Derek Chimenti and I live in a far western suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I currently own 16 arcade games, one of which is loaned to me by my friend Rick Schieve, whom I blame for getting me so deep into this backbreaking hobby. The main reason I started this collection is for the preservation of the machines and the era in which they inhabited. I spent many hours in arcades during the 80s and 90s, and it was wonderful to walk into a local arcade and see what all the creative artists and engineers had come up with in the form of the hottest new game. I'm very impressed with all the work and creativity that went into each machine both on an artistic and technical scale. Sure, by today's gaming standards classic arcade games are laughable, but taking into consideration the tools available at the time each machine stands as a monument to great creative ingenuity.

Like most, my collection started small with the promise of each one acquired being my last. Now my collection has grown to become a monument to my past. Each machine a link to a different part of my high school and collage life. When I look at any of the machines in my collection I can remember where I was when I first played it and what was going on in my life at the time. Buried memories that would have gone unturned are brought up in an instant with the joyous soundtrack of electronic entertainment in the background. This is why you'll see in my game listings where I first saw the machine after it entered the arcades.

My plan for each machine is to restore* it to it's original out-of-factory condition, including being "arcade ready" just in case it needs to be called into action once again. Some of these machines can be in bad shape and have gone through many incarnations through their arcade-opperated life. I'm making good progress and many of the machines have been restored and are in great shape, others still need help.

Let the preservation begin.

* When I refer to myself "restoring" a game it generally means I take it apart, clean it and try to put it back together only to screw something up, forcing my friend Rick to bail me out causing him to do all the work.
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