Arizona Trip


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Savanna with her favorite reading partner - Bis Nonno (Great Grandfather) 3/17/02       Bathing Beauty! 3/20/02       Savanna at Echo Canyon. Look Mama - Booboo :( 3/22/02       Emily, Amanda, John, & Madison (family we met over internet and we finally got to meet them in person - Madison also has neutropenia) 3/23/02      
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Swimming in Arizona! Daddy & Savanna, John & Madison 3/23/02       The dads and the girls... John & Madison, Savanna & Derek 3/23/02       Savanna, Derek, Madison 3/23/02       Marybeth, Savanna, Tedi (Air Evac nurse that helped MB and Savanna get home safely during pregnancy) 3/24/02      
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The Gang! - Dan (Bis Nonno), Lena, Joe, Catherine, Brenda 3/24/02       Daddy, Savanna, & Bis Nonno (Great Grandfather) 3/24/02      
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