Fun with Friends


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Savanna & Bridget 5/10/02       Let's read in the ball pit! (only girls, right?!) Savanna & Bridget 5/10/02       Ava & Savanna 6/18/02       Awww... Ava & Savanna Tina (Ava's mom behind car) 6/18/02      
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Slip 'n Slide with Bridget 6/21/02       My good friend Chuck E. Cheese 7/13/02       On train at Pirate's Cove. Savanna at the end. 7/27/02       Anna Siok's 1yr birthday party 7/27/02      
1st time on Merry-Go-Round by herself. Pirate's Cove 7/27/02      
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