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The Chimenti Family - Chad, Norman, Derek, BJ 1/23/02 Derek's birthday       Uncle Tommy(Marybeth's brother), Aunt Jeanne and cousins Aaron, Andy, & TJ at Aaron's christening 1/27/02       Daddy, Savanna, Mommy at cousin Aaron's christening 1/27/02       Look what Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Tommy got me for my birthday! 4/19/02      
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Brookfield Zoo. Tiger Actual Size. 5/29/02       Brookfield Zoo 5/29/02       Sleepy Time 6/21/02       6/29/02 - With Uncle Dan      
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4th of July 2002       With Daddy and Uncle Chad on 4th of July       Pretty girl :) Kelly Lake Wis. 8/5/02       Savanna refers to cows as "chocolate milk". So now any cat, dog, etc. that is black and white is "chocolate milk". She is at the Walworth County Fair in Wis here. 8/31/02      
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