Hi all,
Much has happened this week so I'm sending a quick update.

Bone marrow biopsy decision is to wait until after March 1. Savanna's
pancreas appears to be working well at this point so no rush to do a CT scan.
We thought that if she needed the CT scan we might as well do the bone marrow
biopsy at the same time since she has to be sedated. But since she doesn't
need it at this point, we are going to wait until after she gets her
neutraphil levels tested again on March 1. After all, at this point, its only
a month and a half away. If her levels go down again, we will need to proceed
with the bone marrow biopsy.

After several evaluations this past week (Easter Seals & Child and Family
Connections), it has been determined that Savanna is delayed with her motor
skills so we are starting physical therapy next week. They also want her to
start occupational therapy, developmental therapy and at some point speech
therapy (for feeding issues). We also need to work on her looking to the left
much more. Her head is starting to get a funky shape. So now its "Yeah,
Savanna just looked to the LEFT!" or from the LEFT side say, "Savanna look at
this cute bear, etc.!" and ALL interesting things come from the LEFT now...
She's pretty smart how she works her way around it. :)

Next week, 9 month pediatrician visit and physical therapy starts.


Savanna Updates

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