I guess things have been going so well that there hasn’t been as much of a need for an update. But it’s still fun to share all of the progress and ‘normal’ skills Savanna is performing.

And speaking of performing - Savanna is quite the little dancer, model, and singer. She recently started doing aerobics with Mommy. It’s so cute. She does many of the latest dance moves. She also loves to put clothes over her head and says “bye” - “ok”. When she models her hats she always asks to look in the “mirror”. And her singing is adorable. We don’t know what language it is in yet, but we are trying to learn - occasionally she throws in a word or two that we know.

She has really perfected her walking - and LOVES to do it! She’s not running yet, but getting close. Savanna loves pushing her doll stroller and shopping cart around. Her physical skills are so close to catching up. She is only about one month behind her adjusted age. Actually all her therapies have gone down to only having assessments done every 3 months to make sure she stays on track. Once she hits age 2, they will no longer adjust her age. So we’ll see how that affects the outcome of the therapist’s tests. She shows a slight weakness in her left shoulder (rhomboids) area. So she just has trouble using a sippy cup. We’ve adapted with using juice box type containers with straws. We’re really not worried. She is doing extremely well. She’s a fighter and has come such a long way in such a relatively short time.

Concerning growth - doing well. She’s almost 23 pounds and about 33 inches tall. So still sticking to her same spots on the charts.

Health - again doing well. In January her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) was 1734. Once again above the 1500 minimum. So we have been leading a normal, can do anything with her life. It’s great! Plus we don’t have to go back to the hematologists until May. We visit the gastroenterologist in April and her nephrologist in March. She is getting a re-check kidney ultrasound done 3/12. We’ll see how that goes. Her glucose was a little low again at 67. Nobody seems to be too concerned about it. We’ve had no major illnesses or infections and we’re are still at the “not likely” stage of a Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome diagnosis.

Some other family notes:
We are going on a much needed break to Arizona next week! Can’t wait! This will be fun with Savanna walking this time. We will be visiting Savanna’s Great Grandfather (Bis Nonno) too. J

At the present moment, all the animals are healthy. Just had to throw that in for the probably brief moment that it is true.

Marybeth is working on a newsletter for the parents of NICU babies from Good Samaritan hospital. She is also working on a Babies First 2 Years calendar for NICU babies and their parents.

Derek has become extremely close with Savanna now. It’s so cute. However, he has still been able to break away to work on a project with a friend of his to create a new type of video game. I’m sure he can tell you more details if you want to know.

So that’s the update for now. I’m going to go out on a limb now and wish you all a very Happy Easter and spring break - odds are, with my update history, I won’t be updating again until after that! J
Thank you all for your patience.

Oh! And Savanna turns 2 soon! April 13th !! Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!


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