Hi All!
Boy, has our life changed - for the good - and much more 'normalized'.
Savanna is now a speed demon crawler. Which makes things a little more active
for mommy. She has mastered crawling AND uses both sides of her body equally.
She pulls herself up to stand while holding on to something, crawls up the
stairs (still working on down), and will do a little walking if you hold her
hands. So she is into many things now and you can't take your eyes off her
for a moment! We want her to crawl as long as possible so she keeps
strengthening her arms.

Savanna is a lot of fun. She points to everything and wants to know what it
is. Her vocabulary hasn't increased that much yet, but she has become very
gabby and likes to tell you stories in her own words and sounds. Loves to
read them to you too. So cute! :)

All her therapies have been decreased since she is doing so well. She now has
speech therapy and occupational therapy only once a month. Physical therapy
and developmental therapy are every other week. Developmentally she is like a
10 month old, so she is very close to being on target. We also haven't had to
go to the Drs. near as much.

Her last bloodtest done on 6/22 showed that her neutrophil count went up.
Yeah!!! However it needs to be above 1500 and it was only 1152. Since she has
been well and fought off infections well, we are going to wait to check her
again until September. In the meantime, we get to have normal activity with
her for the summer. Double Yeah!!!

Savanna is now 14 months, 29 inches tall, and a whopping 17lbs 12oz. She has
two bottom teeth and 1 top tooth. Our little girl is really growing and
developing well! Which leads them to think that she does not have Schwachman
Diamond Syndrome. What a relief! Oh, and she has grown into her liver - so it
is no longer considered to be "enlarged". Now we just need to resolve the
neutropenia issue.

Hope your summer is off to a great start and Happy 4th of July!!!
(* * * * *This will be Savanna's first time seeing fireworks!* * * * *)

Marybeth, Derek, & Savanna

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